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tampilan depan toko kelontong src
Greetings from Us,
the SRC Community
SRC is a modernized retailer as a part of the PT SRC Indonesia Sembilan (SRC IS) partnership program that aims to increase MSMEs' competitiveness through sustainable business assistance.
Aplikasi ayo SRC
Modernized Grocery Store
Equipped with the AYO SRC digital ecosystem that provides ease for retail shop owners to compete in the digital transformation era and a more enjoyable shopping experience for SRC customers.
Aplikasi ayo SRC
SRC is Present Throughout Indonesia and Continues Growing Stronger Together
3rd Quarter of 2022 Internal Data
More than
225,000 SRC
Spread across
37 Provinces
Together with
6,900 SRC Community
Why shop at SRC?
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SRC is present in the community to facilitate easier access to shop for daily needs.
src dekat hemat bersahabat
With the retailer concept, the units for purchasing products at SRC retail shop are more varied with competitive prices.
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SRC retailer owner is always ready to be a shopping companion with warm and friendly service.
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Always trying to meet various customer needs ranging from basic needs to digital products (payments for PLN, PDAM, credit, internet, etc.).
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Added Value
By shopping at the SRC retail shop, we help maintain the sustainability of grocery stores and support the growth of Indonesian MSMEs.
SRC is around us
Red banner with the SRC logo and woven motif
Shops are painted white with red and grey stripes
Neat, clean, and bright
Friendly SRC retailer owner from the neighbourhood
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