toko kelontong src wahyu
toko kelontong src wahyu
Our Journey as a Modernized Grocery Store
Starting from 57 simple grocery stores in Medan in 2008 with a passion for growing and becoming better, we continue to strive, learn, and transform into Modernized Grocery Stores. We aim to meet the needs of every SRC consumers and its surrounding environment, starting from basic needs to the needs of digital products.

Through the spirit of togetherness, we are now the largest Modernized Grocery Store Community, with more than 225,000 grocery stores spread throughout Indonesia. We have 6,900 SRC Community members who share knowledge and experience to improve the competitiveness of grocery stores and contribute to advancing MSMEs for a better Indonesia.
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SRC Ecosystem
In essence, the formation of Traditional Indonesian trade routes happened long ago, starting from Producers - Wholesalers - Grocery Stores / Retailers - Consumers. As one of the main backbones of the Indonesian economy, we must maintain Indonesia's traditional trade routes in the digital transformation era. With the dynamic development of the digital transformation era, AYO SRC is here to accompany and bring all layers of traditional trade routes to continue to grow in the digital economy era.
SRC Wholesaler
SRC Wholesalers play a role in supplying products to SRC Retailers or other Retailers. With AYO SRC, SRC Wholesalers can manage their business more easily and efficiently.
SRC Retailers
SRC Retailers, which are present around our neighborhood, play an important role in meeting the various needs of the surrounding community at affordable prices. Through AYO SRC, SRC retailer owner can order various needs and products through SRC Wholesalers more efficiently.
SRC Consumers
As users of daily goods/services provided by SRC retail shop, SRC Consumers can complete their needs at affordable prices. By routinely shopping at SRC Retailers, SRC Consumers indirectly help to drive Indonesia’s economy.
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SRC Values
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Local Culture
Preserving the sustainability of grocery stores as part of the traditions of Indonesian society.
kerjasama dan bermitra
Grow Together
SRC Community as a place to share knowledge with each other and continue to learn to adapt in every era of development.
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Providing quality products at competitive prices.
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Social Impact
Participate and contribute actively to provide goodness for the surrounding environment, for a better Indonesia.
Bentuk Nyata Dukungan SRC untuk UMKM Sekitar Melalui Pojok Lokal
Bentuk Nyata Dukungan SRC untuk UMKM Sekitar Melalui Pojok Lokal
A Form of SRC Support for MSMEs Through the ‘Pojok Lokal (Local Corner)’
A special shelf dedicated for MSMEs businesses  around the SRC retail shop to sell their products. Various variants of MSME products can be found in the ‘Pojok Lokal’, ranging from snacks, handicrafts, and various other local specialties.
Impact of SRC for Indonesia
Results of survey in collaboration with in 2020
Contributing to the Indonesian Economy
Revenue of SRC retail shop throughout Indonesia contributes IDR 69.3 trillion per year to the Indonesian economy in E'2019. This contribution value equals 4.1% of the total national Retail GDP E'2019.
Giving an Important Role for Women Empowerment
As many as 57% of SRC Retailer owners are women who have been empowered for the grocery store business development program. SRC program also helps increase the revenue of SRC retailer owners by up to 54%. More than 90% of SRC retailer
SRC Support for MSME Products
With ‘Pojok Lokal’, SRC takes a role in supporting business development for the surrounding MSMEs. The contribution MSME product in SRC retail shop throughout Indonesia reached IDR 5.7 trillion/year, equivalent to 0.24% of the value of the national MSME E'2019.
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